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Arthroscopic menisectomy

The meniscus is a semicircular cartilage wedged between the tibia and femur. It functions as a shock absorber and also enhances the joint conformity. It can be traumatised due to sporting injury. The meniscus can also show degenerative changes,which predisposes it to tears more easily. There are two distinct menisci medial and lateral but the medial meniscus is more prone to injury due to its reduced mobility in the knee joint.

Depending on the type of tear and the symptoms associated with it a decision is made about the treatment. The options available are non operative management which includes lifestyle modification to avoid impact sports and actions involving increased bending of the knee. If the meniscal tear is a large one or of a bucket handle configuration a surgical excision of the torn part is necessary. This is achieved by an arthroscopy.

The torn end of the meniscus is shaved of using a motorised shaver till a healthy edge of meniscus is visible. After the procedure the remaining meniscus is checked for stability with a probe. The patient is allowed to mobilize full weight bearing as soon as possible and can be discharged the same day. The patient is advised to refrain from sporting activities for at least 4-6 weeks.